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cloud mine ethereumThe NAACP is preparing to engage in a massive voter registration, education, and get out the vote campaign, active in fifty states, combined with a more aggressive “deep dive” program in targeted states.  Making use of the NAACP’s over 2,000 local units voter contact technology, grassroots volunteer mobilization and the NAACP’s strong relationships; the NAACP seeks to register hundreds of thousands voters and get out to vote millions more.

DSC_1518Political Action and Legal Redress: Genell Bond, Committee Chair

The Political Action Committee is charged with (1) seeking to increase registration and voting; (2) work for the enactment of municipal, state and federal legislation designed to improve the educational, political and economic status of minority groups; (3) seek the repeal of racially discriminatory legislation; (4) work to improve the administration of justice; (5) work to secure equal enforcement of the law; and (6) keep the National Office and the Unit informed of all proposed legislation which affects minority groups. The Committee and organization are nonpartisan and shall not endorse candidates for public office. The Committee regularly hosts political action events, know your rights forums, and voter registration drives.



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